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As of November 25, 2006







FEBRUARY 1908 (photocopy)



The Policemen of the Air

A Few Thoughts Concerning Eugenics

The Carnegie Institution

A Jumping Salmon

Children of the World

Ten Years in the Philippines by William Howard Taft

A Bear Hunt in Montana


SEPTEMBER 1912 (photocopy)


Head-Hunters of Northern Luzon

by Dean C. Worcester

NOVEMBER 1912 (photocopy)


The Non-Christian People of the Philippine Islands

by Dean C. Worcester

JULY 1920 (fine condition)



Common Mushrooms of the united States

Hurdle Racing in Canoes

Malta and Its Recently Discovered Prehistoric Temples

JUNE 1922 (good condition)



The Far Eastern Republic

The Splendor of Rome

Capri the Island Retreat of Roman Emperors

The National Geographic Society's Memorial to Peary

Constantinople Today

JUNE 1924 (very good condition)


Exploring the Mysteries of Plant Life

Norway and the Norwegians

In the Land of the Vikings

JULY 1925 (very good condition)


Rediscovering the Rhine

Pages from the Floral Life of America


JANUARY 1927 (very good condition)


Jamaica the Isle of Many Rivers

The Color Palette of the Caribbean

The First Autochromes form the ocean bottom

Life o a Coral Reef

The Columbus of the Pacific

A Pictorial Jaunt Through Papua

MAY 1927 (very good condition)



Among the Zapotecs of Mexico

The Family Tree of the Flowers

Wild Flowers of the West

JULY 1927 (very good condition)


Sinbads of Science: The Narrative of a Windjammer's Voyage Among Islands of High Adventure in the South Atlantic.

Strange Habits of Familiar Moths and Butterflies

AUGUST 1927 (poor condition)

Across the Midi in a Canoe

In Smiling Alsace Where France Has Resumed Sway

Navigating the "Norge" from Rome to the North Pole and Beyond

Stalking the Dragon Lizard on the Island of Komodo

Air conquest

DECEMBER 1927 (very good condition)


The Pageant of Jerusalem

Color Records from the Changing Life of the Holy City

East of the Suez to the Mount of the Decalogue

The Geography of Money

JANUARY 1928 (very good condition)


Seeing America with Lindbergh

Dalmatian Days

Medieval Glory Haunts the Eastern Adriatic

Bird Banding the Telltale of Migratory Flight

President Coolidge Bestows Lindbergh Award

DECEMBER 1928 (very good condition)


Renascent Germany

Through Germany with a Color Camera

Seeing 3 000 Years of History in Four Hours

Mickey the Beaver

Falcon the Pacific's Newest Island

JANUARY 1929 (very good condition)


Arizona Comes of Age

Adventures in Arizona Color Photography

The Volcanoes of Ecuador

Among the Highlands of the Equator Republic

Turkey Goes to School

Mapping the Home of the Great Brown Bear

JULY 1929 (fair condition)


Exploring the Wonders of the Insect World

Insect Rivals of the Rainbow

The Sealing Saga of Newfoundland

NOVEMBER 1929 (mint condition)


Armistice Day and the American Battlefields

Beautiful Belgium Restored by Peace

Oxford Mother of Anglo-Saxon Learning

Gentleman Adventurers of the Air

DECEMBER 1929 (Photocopy)


The Danube Highway of Races

Alpine Villagers of Austria

Bethlehem and the Christmas Story

Along the Way of the Magi

The Secret of the Southwest Solved by Talkative Tree Rings